Managed Cloud Solutions

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing could be simply described as virtualized hosted services, but IT leaders still continue to argue its true meaning. While the interpretation is debatable, Net Direct has one end-game, and that’s to turn Cloud Computing into a competitive advantage for your business.

In order to meet the increasing demands on your IT staff and infrastructure, you continuously seek more affordable and agile methods to help meet this demand. Net Direct has the answer: managed on-demand cloud computing services.

Net Direct allows its clients to focus on their core competencies, therefore increasing efficiencies and allowing them to improve their competitive advantage in the market place. By consolidating your data and applications on virtualized, reliable servers, you'll effectively reduce the pressure on your IT environment and improve overall performance. In fact, with Net Direct virtualized cloud computing and managed services, you’ll also make your business more agile, easier to manage, and environmentally friendly. In addition, we can assure you that your data will be kept safely in Canada to comply with any of your businesses’ policies and data-protection concerns.

Benefits of our Managed Cloud Solution

Reduce Costs

With our customizable managed services, cloud computing and virtualization solutions, Net Direct clients are able to surpass their SLA targets while drastically reducing costs compared to typical in-house services.

Increase Agility

With the option to add virtual machines and resources as they’re needed, your business will never have to worry about compute power again. This increased agility benefits your clients as well as giving you the flexibility to take on the projects important to your business.

Ease of Management

Hardware and software life-cycle management is made easy, fast and affordable in our virtualized cloud environment. Adding applications and applying patches, as well as OS migration and backup can all be easily completed by our experts.

Improve Availability, Redundancy and Performance

Configured on high-performance, highly-available, redundant hardware and monitored by our experts 24x7x365, we will surpass conventional SLA targets and reduce your costs so you can finally achieve peace-of-mind. Having met response objectives for our highly satisfied clients for over a decade, Net Direct is the industry leader for technical support services.

Reduce your Ecological Footprint

By consolidating onto more powerful, virtualized servers in our data center, drastic savings on power consumption and cooling will occur, resulting in a much smaller ecological footprint for your business. Less servers also means higher-utilization and less waste when it’s time to roll in new hardware.

With virtualized IBM hardware and Net Direct's Managed Cloud Solution, you can outsource your IT infrastructure in whole, or in part, increasing availability and reducing costs.

Some of our Basic Services Include:

  • Virtual machine and OS deployment
  • Core OS monitoring, patching, administration and security
  • Scheduled backup and restore
  • Off-site backup retention
  • Up-time assurance
  • Directory services and associated authentication/authorization infrastructure

Net Direct strives to provide the best in IT infrastructure solutions so that our clients can cut costs while simultaneously improving their performance and availability. Our high-quality hardware and highly qualified technicians are reassurance that your hardware will be available for you and your clients. Whether you have us manage your infrastructure in whole, or in part, Net Direct has the solution and expertise to drive your business forward.

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