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A leading Canadian HPC solutions provider we specialize in bridging the gap between scientific objectives and platform/system/cluster requirements. Starting with workload analysis, our collaborative design process ensures that you will receive a customized cluster or system that is performance optimized for your specific computational workload and budget.

Client Win-Win HPC Solution Design Philosophy

Net Direct's HPC solution design goals are two-fold:

a)Provide our clients with the defined HPC compute, storage, networking and or combined solution for 25-75% lower cost than the equivalent from the big Tier 1 vendors


b)Provide our clients with a Tier 1 solution that typically delivers 25%~%300 or more computational, storage, networking or combined solution performance for their defined budget.

We do this through the use of vanity free, proven, open platform, industry standard, and open source software technology. Coupled with and supported by the latest and greatest industry leading sub-component acceleration technologies and software; just like the big tier 1's do. Being a smaller firm we can adopt new technology faster while selling our solutions for a modest profit and passing the savings onto our client. Hmm, but your big legacy HPC vendor telling you a different story or you're still not sure Net Direct is on the right HPC design path? Well consider this, Net Direct's HPC design philosophy focuses on the base technology and not on fluff, this deign philosophy is the same/similar approached used at firms like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and many of the largest compute consuming companies now use to drive down their infrastructure cost, while also obtaining the compute resources they need to operate and deliver, the services they provide. For example, Facebook reported an estimated savings of $2B U.S. dollars in the first three years of their adoption of Open Compute adoption.(see Open Compute Project)

Remember modern computing is now very mature, at its core its about industry reference design and standards, server motherboards, BIOS/UEFI, server management IPMI/RedFish/KVM, (industry ratified standards) networking, sub-component accelerator plus years of HPC End-User community software development effort. These mature HW standards and (software) development efforts allow for the peace of mind of choosing and focusing on CPU/processors, RAM, HDD's, accelerators, NIC's, interconnecting switches and accelerators, with software community Open Source or commercial cluster software stack, cluster management, job schedulers, libraries and the research application(s). Contrary to what you may be told or hear(d), modern era HPC is "not" the creation (of) or controlled by a Tier 1 Mfg, if Open standards computing works for Facebook, Google then Open Standards HPC cluster will work for you!

HPC Technical Systems and Clusters

Linux Open Source Open Platform

Since 1995 Net Direct has been committed to providing our clients with Linux-centric, open source, and open platform based solutions. We offer custom open source feature enhancements and advanced integration capabilities and open source application support contracts. Results are complete freedom of choice, selection without the hidden and expensive (vendor lock-in/entanglement strategy)so commonly found with Tier 1 firm HPC solutions.


Rest assured we have the right high-quality HPC solution for your computational workload needs for any budget. Continuously we strive to ensure we provide can provide our clients with highest performing, high-quality HPC solutions for the lowest budget price possible.

Full Integration

Available to you is a full systems and software integration, testing, performance tuning configuration services that deliver a customized, fully documented end-user ready compute environment.


Net Direct offers a range of in-depth cluster support offerings for every budget and need; from the very frugal depot only, all the way up to round the clock fully managed cluster support service.

Industry Leading Technology Choices

Our open standards platforms and industry-leading HPC related sub-component and add-on manufacturer partnerships, ensures you will have access to the latest and greatest HPC acceleration technology available today; along with all the support you would expect.

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