Open Anything... Open-Source, Open Networking, OpenStack, Open Compute etc...

Founded in 1995 Net Direct has since it's inception been providing Linux "Open" centric solution, now so in vogue.

Our 20+ yrs and in-house expertise in soft/Dev/platforms/network/storage/firmware allowing unique capabilities to custom design, build and support client open project/initiatives.

We can integrate open source applications into a predominantly commercial I.T. environment, support a blend of commercial and open-source or provide a completely open-source software, hardware environment and any variation in-between.

Contact us today about your:

*Open-Source (application or tools)

*Open Stack

*Open Networking

*Open Compute



*Open X Support and remote management

*New or Unique feature/function additions

*Create new integration capabilities e.g. Oracle DB

*Modest cost Proof of Concept to "prove" solution/integration

*Effective/reasonably price support/remote management contracts

We've provided solutions and support for some of the largest clients in Canada delivering incredible capabilities and cost savings.

Contact us today to find out how we can help a new or existing "Open" project succeed your firm expectations!