Server Consolidation

The rapid growth we have seen in IT departments and the organic growth has caused a server sprawl in our data centres. While one server per application or database may have been needed years ago, today's servers are an order of magnitude faster and can support much more workload.
Consolidating that sprawl of servers has many benefits perhaps the most desired is cost savings.

There are several facets of consolidation that can benefit your organization. Consolidating many old slow servers onto a new faster server is just the beginning. There are software licensing advantages in moving your most expensive licenses like Oracle onto platforms that provide the best cost to workload ratio.

You can realize savings in power and floor space, licensing and staffing.

But you can achieve more with consolidation as well. Virtualization technology and live migration features provide an efficient and fast method of system recovery reducing downtime.

Improved management and greater redundancy is often another benefit organizations see with consolidation. This means better monitoring of servers and services and faster response time to problems.

Get started on your consolidation plan by using Net Direct's consolidation services and you can see payback on your investment quickly.