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SocketHandle Open (uint16_t socket, const char *password=0)
 Open a logical socket on the device.
void Close (Socket &socket)
 Closes a non-default socket (i.e.

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void Barry::SocketZero::Close ( Socket socket  ) 

Closes a non-default socket (i.e.

non-zero socket number)

The packet sequence is just like Open(), except the command is CLOSE_SOCKET.


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SocketHandle Barry::SocketZero::Open ( uint16_t  socket,
const char *  password = 0 

Open a logical socket on the device.

Both the socket number and the flag are based on the response to the SELECT_MODE command. See Controller::SelectMode() for more info on this.

The packet sequence is normal for most socket operations.

  • Down: command packet with OPEN_SOCKET
  • Up: optional sequence handshake packet
  • Up: command response, which repeats the socket and flag data as confirmation
Barry::Error Thrown on protocol error.
Barry::BadPassword Thrown on invalid password, or not enough retries left on device.

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References Barry::Packet::Command().

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