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Barry::Task Class Reference

Task record class. More...

#include <r_task.h>

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void BuildFields (Data &data, size_t &offset, const IConverter *ic=0) const
 Build fields part of record.

Detailed Description

Task record class.

Note that there is a bug in many device firmwares.

If you extract a Tasks record, and then write it back via SetRecordByIndex(), on many devices that I tested, it ends up corrupting the record on the device, and the GUI on the device appears messed up. (It shows the first few fields twice) Such a corrupt record also loses the due date.

The workaround, when working with the Tasks database, is to first DeleteByIndex() and then AddRecord() via the Desktop mode class, using the same record ID. This works, but is unfortunately cumbersome.

See the Desktop GUI and the opensync plugins for examples of this workaround.

Ideally, we should test a Tasks sync on Windows, and see how the Windows software handles this. There may be some protocol changes that will be needed in future Barry versions.

Definition at line 61 of file r_task.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Barry::Task::BuildFields ( Data data,
size_t &  offset,
const IConverter ic = 0 
) const

Build fields part of record.

not sure why StartTime exists, but oh well. :-)

Definition at line 272 of file

References Barry::CategoryList::CategoryList2Str(), and Barry::Data::Zap().

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