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Usb::LibraryInterface Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static int TranslateErrcode (int libusb_errcode)
 Returns 0 if unable to translate libusb error code.
static bool Init (int *libusb_errno=0)
 Returns true on success...

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Definition at line 107 of file usbwrap.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool Usb::LibraryInterface::Init ( int *  libusb_errno = 0  )  [static]

Returns true on success...

pass in a pointer to int if the low level error code is important to you.

Definition at line 64 of file

int Usb::LibraryInterface::TranslateErrcode ( int  libusb_errcode  )  [static]

Returns 0 if unable to translate libusb error code.

Note that this function assumes you already know that libusb_errcode contains an actual error code, and so returns 0 (success) for an unknown error. This means that "success" means error if you use this function correctly, but if you pass in a success code (>= 0) it will always return 0 as well.

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