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record.h File Reference

Blackberry database record classes. More...

#include "dll.h"
#include <iosfwd>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdexcept>
#include "r_calendar.h"
#include "r_calllog.h"
#include "r_bookmark.h"
#include "r_contact.h"
#include "r_cstore.h"
#include "r_memo.h"
#include "r_message.h"
#include "r_servicebook.h"
#include "r_task.h"
#include "r_pin_message.h"
#include "r_saved_message.h"
#include "r_sms.h"
#include "r_folder.h"
#include "r_timezone.h"
#include "r_hhagent.h"
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class  Barry::Cr2LfWrapper
struct  Barry::TimeT
 Struct wrapper for time_t, to make sure that it has its own type, for overload purposes. More...
struct  Barry::CommandTableCommand
class  Barry::CommandTable
struct  Barry::RecordStateTableState
class  Barry::RecordStateTable
struct  Barry::DatabaseItem
class  Barry::DatabaseDatabase
struct  Barry::UnknownData
struct  Barry::UnknownField
class  Barry::EmailList
struct  Barry::EmailAddress
class  Barry::EmailAddressList
struct  Barry::PostalAddress
struct  Barry::Date
class  Barry::CategoryList
struct  Barry::FieldIdentity
 This class holds data that identifies a given field in a record. More...
class  Barry::EnumConstants
 This is the base class for the hierarchy of classes to define enum record members. More...
struct  Barry::EnumConstants::EnumConstant
 This defines one of the enum constants being defined. More...
class  Barry::FieldValueHandlerBase
 This is a pure virtual base class, defining the various types that record fields can be. More...
class  Barry::EnumFieldBase< RecordT >
 EnumFieldBase<RecordT> More...
class  Barry::EnumField< RecordT, EnumT >
 EnumField<RecordT, EnumT> More...
class  Barry::FieldHandle< RecordT >
 This is a template class that handles pointers to members of multiple types of data and multiple types of records. More...
struct  Barry::FieldHandle< RecordT >::PostalPointer
union  Barry::FieldHandle< RecordT >::PointerUnion


namespace  Barry

Project namespace, containing all related functions and classes.


template<class RecordT , class TypeT >
FieldHandle< RecordT > Barry::MakeFieldHandle (TypeT RecordT::*tp, const FieldIdentity &id)
 Factory function to create a FieldHandle<> object.
template<class HandlesT , class CallbackT >
void Barry::ForEachField (const HandlesT &handles, const CallbackT &func)
 Calls FieldHandle<>::Member() for each defined field for a given record type.
template<class RecordT >
void Barry::ForEachFieldValue (const RecordT &rec, const FieldValueHandlerBase &vh)
 Calls FieldHandle<>::Value() for each defined field for a given record.

Detailed Description

Blackberry database record classes.

Help translate data from data packets to useful structurs, and back. This header provides the common types and classes used by the general record parser classes in the r_*.h files. Only application-safe API stuff goes in here. Internal library types go in record-internal.h

Definition in file record.h.