Migrating Device Data

Barry Desktop migrate dialog

The Migrate dialog provides an easy method of backing up the device's databases, and restoring them to another device.

It currently only supports the database data, and does not migrate any of the Java applications that might be on the existing device.

There are three main combo boxes: the source device, the destination device, and the write mode. If both devices are plugged in at the same time, it is possible to select them both at the beginning, but if you only have one USB cable, let it prompt you for the new device.

The available write modes are described below:

  • Erase all, then restore - (default) Erases all existing data for each database restored before uploading records.
  • Add new, and overwrite existing - Only deletes existing records if there is a conflict in the record ID, and adds all other records.
  • Add new, don't overwrite existing - Only adds records, never deletes or overwrites. Will skip uploading records where the IDs already exist. This may mean that not all the data from the old device will make it to the new one.
  • Add every record as a new entry - Deletes nothing, and adds everything new. This may cause duplicates, depending on the data in both devices.

Use the default write mode if you are unsure which option to use.

Internal Details

The Migrate dialog will basically perform a full backup of the source device, and will create a new backup tarball in the usual location, with the label "migrate".