Complexity works its way into IT infrastructure, driven by the introduction of new applications and unanticipated growth. However, adding a server each time you have new demand for a new application means that you also require additional floor or rack space, power, cooling, network interfaces, data storage, administrative resources and software application licensing costs. Such complexity inevitably leads to... inefficiency. The answer is consolidation and virtualization.

New technologies have emerged that allow organizations to consolidate multiple server workloads on to a single server platform, and allocate the necessary server resources to meet each of the specific business and application requirements in a more dynamic fashion.


IBM hardware leads in virtualization hardware advances. Net Direct and IBM can help you break out of traditional silos and offer broader platform support and scalability than ever before while improving your levels of service and software licensing costs. Net Direct can provide several options of virtualization, including, but not limited to, Xen, PowerVM and VMWare.

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